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ZJ40/2250LDB rig adopt 3 sets of diesel engines coupling mechanism connected with chain box to drive the drawworks and the mud pump separately, which has two spare interfaces to auto-air compressor and energy-saving generator. The main brake of the drawworks is hydraulic disc brake and the auxiliary brake is electromagnetic brake. Independent driven device of rotary table adopts interchange current motor by one transmission box and it drives the rotary table by universal shaft.


1.       The rig adopt the modular structure, and the blocks connect with each other by axle pins, which can realize to transfer quickly.

2.       The mast is a front open non-anchor line “K” type mast, the five section of which is designed a whole body and equipped with the crown block. The outrigger is joint at the basement firmly. It is rise and drop by drawworks.

3.       Drilling rig is equipped with variable frequency(VFD) and the MCC system. The VFD is used to control AC varible frequency motor of the rotary table and the automatic feed drill motors. The MCC is used to control the other equipment of the rig.


Nominal drilling depth 114mm DP
Open diameter of rotary table
φ700mm (27.5” )
127mm DP
Qty.× power of diesel engine
Max.hook load
2250kN (225tf)
Shift of drawwork
4 forward+2 reverse
Traveling system
Height of drilling floor
Dia of wireline
Mast model and height
K Type 43m