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ZJ50/3150LDB rig adopt three-union-driven system, 3 sets of G12V190PZL-3/O diesel engine coupling units are connected with chain box by YQZJ750 hydraulic coupling gearbox of their each own and W60.5×980 cardan shaft. In this method to drive the mud circulating system and the drawworks. Independent driven device of rotary table adopts interchange current motor by one transmission box with two shifts and it drives the ZP375 rotary table by universal shaft.


1.       Adopts one time raising type, substructure, mast and all equipments are installed at low position, and raise the mast and substructure by the power from the winch.

2.       The rotary table adopts independent electrical driven device. It uses the newest transferring technique, two shifts transmission box, which realize the requirements of low speed and large torque.


Nominal drilling depth
114mm DP
3500~5000 m
Open diameter of rotary table
φ952.5mm (37.5” )
127mm DP
2800~4500 m
Qty.× power of diesel engine
Max.hook load
3150kN (315tf)
Shift of drawwork
6 forward+2 reverse
Traveling system
Height of drilling floor
Dia of wireline
Mast model and height
K Type 44.5m