ZJ30/1700B rig is AC transmission power rig, according to the functions it is divided into drilling floor, power and electric transmission control system, pumping station, mud circulation system, oil tank and other support equipments. It can be suitable for lateral well, orientation well and vertical well with the depth of drilling is less than 3000m.

The drawworks and the rotary table adopt independent electrical driven device, the drawworks is drived with 600kW AC variable frequence motor. The ratary table is drived with one 300kW AC frequency conversion motor. The two F-500 Mud Pumps are respectively drived with the other YJ23A500kW AC frequency conversion motors. The motor driving the drawworks connect to the two-speed transmission box and the chain box to realize the 2 forward shift and 2 reverse of the drawworks. The rotary table and the motor adopt the direct drive struture by the transmission shaft.


1. the rig adopt the modular structure, and the blocks connect with each other by axle pins, which can realize to transfer quickly. The mast is a front open “K” type mast, which adopt the telescoping structure. The basement adopt the high and low telescoping structure, which can be low installed and the whole hoist and lay down with its own power.

2. the rig is drived and controlled with AC frequency conversion, which has its own driller's operation console. The air tube and oil tube adopt quick acting coupling and remarked clearly.