XJ45/60 workover rig is truck-mounted drilling equipment. The chassis is second-class chassis, and based on which the workover rig is equipped with sub-frame, PTO, hydraulic torque converter, winch drum and brake system, gear box, duplex telescoping derrick, travelling system, weight indicator device, air system and electric system, etc. Besides, it is also can equipped with rotary gear box, rotary tabel, drill platform, air slips and swivel and so on.


1. Engine power matched reasonably, tripping fast, and high working efficiency.

2. Hydraulic torque converter drives smoothly and softly with stepless speed regulation. And engine has a high power utilization ratio.

3. The drum adopt double-ended input clutch to achieve reversal rotation, which can be benefit to seting down the hook successfully.

4. The derrick structure is steady, rise and down smoothly, using safety and reliably.

5. Be convenient for moving, transport, installation and centering well head. Shorten work preparing time, saving operation cost.