ZJ40/2250DB rig is AC transmission power rig, which adopt 3 sets of AC generating sets connected with variable frequence control cabinet to control 6 sets of 6000kW AC variable frequence motors. The motors are used to drive the drawworks, the mud pumps and the rotary table. All the motors adopt stepless speed regulation to meet all drilling conditions demand.


1. the rig adopt the modular structure, and the blocks connect with each other by axle pins, which can realize to transfer quickly.

2. the mast is a front open non-anchor line “K” type mast, the five section of which is designed a whole body and equipped with the crown block. The outrigger is joint at the basement firmly. It is raised and dropped by drawworks as a whole.

3. The mud system is skid mouted struture, the surface equipment of which is fixed centralized. All the pipelines are layed in the folding tank, which can be installed and transported easy.