XJ90 workover rig is truck-mounted drilling equipment. The chassis adopt home-made 6×6 special chassis or 8×8 special chassis. And based on which it is equipped with high speed diesel motor, hydraulic mechanical drive, winch drum, duplex telescoping derrick, integral crown block, 3×4 travelling system, air system and electric system, etc. The workover rig is mainly used for 4000m well with 73mm(2.7/8″) tubing.


1. The workover rig can be equipped with rotary table, rig floor and swivel to realize dual-purpose of drilling and repair.

2. The chassis adopts home-made 6×6 special chassis, easy to ride and operate and good cross country performance.

3. The power system adopt high speed diesel engine matching with hydraulic gear box, driving smoothly and easy to operate.

4. The winch has two forms: single drum and double drum. The main drum adopts integral LIBUS rope groove to line regularly. And equipped with air overrunning crown block saver.

5. The control system of electric, hydraulic and air adopt centralized control, easy to operate. The main parts and components adopt import famous brand products to ensure product reliability.