Top Drive System

Top Drive System (TDS)

TDS is one of the greatest technological revolutions of petroleum equipment which is used to replace Kelly and rotary table. TDS can drill with triples instead of singles which can reduce two-thirds volume of work of makeup and breakout and greatly increase drilling speed. The advantages of TDS is that in tripping if meets block up or struck, you can rotate the drill string while circulating mud flow so it can reduce drilling accidents. TDS can increase the level of mechanization of operation together with the wellhead system which can reduce the worker's labor intensity and the amount of operators. Especially in the directional well and cluster well, TDS has more advantages.


Drilling tools can be hoist at any time and well bore can be cleaned during drilling to reduce accidents. In tripping if meets block up, you can connect the drill string quickly and circulate mud and make back reaming so that it can reduce sticking accidents.

1. Integrated with mechanic electric and hydraulic control system. The AC output parameters of frequency converter match with the performance requirement of motor. The self-designed PLC program is simplified which can be designed according to the requirement of customer. It has the function of protection and interlock, which is more suitable to the drilling condition.

2. The rotating head has two oil channels to supply oil to the tilt hydro cylinder to realize the forth tilt and back swing of link. Each oil channel is with dual seal for oil leaking accident reduced greatly and improving the reliability of system. When tripping operation, rotating head can rotate with drilling tools and it is easy to handle drilling accidents.

3. Adopt the plug-in type housing structure, the back-up tong and BOP hydro cylinder don't rotate with the rotating head and the structure is simple.

4. Adopt double–load path: when drilling operation, the bearing of gearbox bears the load. When tripping operation, the bearing of rotating head bears the load. It can greatly increase the service life of bearing and main shaft.

5. When drilling and directional well operation, the hydraulic pump can be closed and the service life can be increased. Even though hydraulic pump can't function well, it can also perform drilling, reaming down and tripping operation.

6. Integrated hydraulic system together with oil tank all attach to the top of top drive drilling equipment and is easy to be installed. Thermal valve of system is low

7. Own the patent technique of the guide beam, adopt the single pin and latch. It's simple and rapid to be installed and dismantled.

8. The overall design is scientific, the structure is compact and overall arrangement is reasonable. So it is easy for the onsite maintenance, the replacement of the spare parts and can also apply to the 3,000m mobile drilling rig.