Mud Pump

Brief Introduction

Mud Pump is used to circulate drilling fluid while drilling, it is the heart part of drilling fluid circulation system, and it is composed of Power End and Fluid End.

The products conform to API Spec 7k, and acquired the authorization to use Official API Monogram.

Technical Performances and Structure Features

1.Power End: the frame is welding structure with steel plate, it has high strength, rigidity and light weight, It is stress-relieved after welding.. The transmission gears are integral involute herringbone, with smooth running, high efficiency and long service life. The crankshaft is hollow one-piece casting. At the Power End, we adopt splash and forced lubrication.

2.Fluid End: compact structure is due to adopting straight pass through fluid cylinder. The suction and discharge flange conform to ANSI and API Spec.

3.Piston Rods and Intermediate Rods are jointed by collar couplers that allow quick installation/disassembly.

4.The piston and line bore are cooled and lubricated by independent spray pump system, has long service life.

5.The expendables are universal.

Series F mud pump features

  • Series F mud pump has long stroke length so that stroke numbers are reduces and fluid end quick-wear parts last longer.

  • Forced combined with splash lubrication ensure more efficient lubrication.

  • Series F pump is proper-structured, compact, durable, running smoothly and accommodate special requirements during drilling wells ranging from intermediate to deep depth. Series F mud pump is compact and reliable. Suction valve and discharge valve are interchangeable. Triple cylinders and fluid end main components on each pump are interchangeable.

  • Series F mud pump durable fluid end greatly improves performance of triplex pump and its unique design enables quick check and convenient repair.

PAH 275 Mud Pump and Series PZ Mud Pump Features

Nodular iron power frame, eccentric, connection rods, and crossheads

• Double-row-spherical roller bearings carry eccentric

• Double extended Jack shaft carried on heavy-duty straight roller bearings

• Dual roller bearing connecting rod

• Heat-treated alloy steel main gears are bolted to the eccentric

• Replaceable bronze crosshead slides

• Full splash lubrication, with oil pump to feed working parts

• Heat-treated alloy steel, interchangeable fluid cylinders

• Three-rib API-7 urethane insert valves and seats

• Replaceable-type element oil filter and oil pressure gauge

• Threaded valve covers

• Plated piston rods

• Complete piston washing and lubrication system

W440/W446 Mud Pump Features

W440/446 Pump can be widely used in all kinds of works in oil field. When the cylinder liner specification is 6"-3 1/2", piston structure is recommended and it is suitable for Oil-Well Repair and shallow-well drilling, etc. When the cylinder liner specification is 3 1/4"-2", axial piston structure is recommended and it is suitable for high-pressure work.


W440 Mud Pump

Rated input power: 324KW (440HP)

Rated Stroke: 320 Stroke/Minute(320SPM)

Stroke: 152.4mm (6")

Gear Ratio: 4.578 :1

Max. operation pressure: 35Mpa

Valve chamber Valve-Over: API 4#

Max. liner dia.: 4-1/2″

Max. liner mud pressure: (220 stroke/minute)16.9Mpa

Dia. of suction manifold: 6″ (150#) Flange

Dia. of discharge manifold: 3″(900#) Flange

Dia. pinion shaft: 95.25 mm(3.75″)

W446 Mud Pump

Rated input power 328KW (440HP)

Rated Stroke 320 Stroke/Minute(320SPM)

Stroke 152.4mm (6")

Gear Ratio 4.578 :1

Max. operation pressure 35Mpa

Valve chamber Valve-Over API 4#

Max. liner dia. 6″

Max. liner mud pressure(160 stroke/minute)16.9Mpa

Dia. of suction manifold, 6″ (150#) Flange

Dia. of discharge manifold 3″(900#) Flange

Dia. pinion shaft 95.25 mm(3.75″)

Key 22.174x15.9mm

Series 3NB mud pump features

  • Power end: the frame is a welded structure with steel plate, subject to post welding internal stress relief. Gear is involute type, smooth running, high efficiency and long service life. Crankshaft is one-piece hollow cast. Power end is splash lubricated.

  • Fluid end: suction and discharge flange conform to ASA and API specification.

  • Piston rod and extension rod are connected with coupling for quick assembly and disassembly.

  • Bench at the bottom of valve positioning hole prevents valve seat sinking. Piston and liner are cooled and lubricated by separate spraying pump device for longer service life.

  • Quick-wear parts are interchangeable.