ZJ70/4500D rig is drived with 4 sets of CAT3512 diesel generating sets. 0~750V DC transduced from 50Hz AC by SCR system drive the YZ08/YZ08A DC motors connected with 2000hp drawworks and mud pump. Drawworks is drived with 2 sets of motors, 2 sets of mud pumps are drived with 2 sets of motors separately. The front open mast and the helicospiral substructure are raised and dropped by drawworks, the main brake of which is hydraulic disc brake, the auxiliary brake is electromagnetic eddy current brake.


1. Adopts one time raising type, substructure, mast and all equipments are installed at low position, and raise the mast and substructure by the power from the winch.

2. It can satisfy the requirement for explosion-proof, safety, drilling engineering and equipment installation, dismantling and easy maintenance requirements.