ZJ30 truck-mounted drilling rig is a light duty self-propelled truck-mounted drilling equipment with 9,840' (3000m) drilling depth. Several patent technologies and new technologies are used in the unit. Double engine compound operation. Unique compound box design ensures the reliable driving performance and easy maintenance. The operation and roading can be driven by each engine independently or together. Auxiliary brake of drawworks is air control water cooling disc brake. Main drum is cooled by recirculating water. 14×8 chassis with reasonable load distribution.

Ø Two (2) sets of diesel engines and Allison transmissions.

Ø Mature double engine compound box and drive system.

Ø 118/125ft(36/38m) mast with stiffened rectangular pipes.

Ø 14×8 reinforced chassis with good cross-country capacity.

Ø 5.5/6m foldable substructure and dog house.

Ø Top drive system is available.

Main Parameters