ZJ40/2250DZ rig is direct current electrical-transmission power rig, which adopt full digital direct current electrical control system. The drawworks, rotary table and the mud pump are drived separately. 3 sets of generating units are parallelled and connected with 3 sets of SCR control cabinets to control 7 sets of direct current motors, two of which are used to control the drawworks, one of which is used to control the rotary table and four of which are pairwise parallelled to drive two mun pumps.


1. the rig adopt the modular structure, and the blocks connect with each other by axle pins, which can realize to transfer quickly.

2. the mast is a front open non-anchor line “K” type mast, the five section of which is designed a whole body and equipped with the crown block. The outrigger is joint at the basement firmly. It is raised and dropped by drawworks as a whole.

3. The drawworks is drived with direct current electrical motor with high efficiency. The shift of drawworks is stepless speed regulation.