Mud Pump Parts

Mud Pump Fluid End Part Design Feature

Mud pump fluid end assembly mainly consists of fluid end, valve assembly, liners and pistons. All sealing parts are tightened, featuring good sealing performance. Vertical fluid end features good suction performance. Mud pump fluid end parts are interchangeable with abroad brands, such as EMSCO, IDECO, OILWELL, GARDNER DENVOR, NATIONAL, SKYTOP, OPI, WIRTH, WILSON, GASO pump parts.

Mud Pump Fluid End

Fluid end is made of forged alloy steel and three fluid ends of each pump are interchangeable. On customers' request, the fluid end surface can be nickel-plated to improve the abrasion resistance. Shear relief valve and discharge strainer are fitted at the discharge outlet.

Valve Assembly

The suction valve and discharge valve of F-series mud pump are interchangeable. F-500 mud pump uses API 5# valve, F-800/1000 mud pumps use API 6# valve. F-1300/1600/1600HL mud pumps use API 7# valve. D-2200/2200HL mud pumps use API 8# valve.

NOTE: When the working pressure of F-1600HL and D2200HL mud pumps exceeds 34.5MPa (5000Psi), special high-pressure valve assembly should be used.


Bi-metal liner can be used. The sleeve of liner is made of wear-resisting cast iron. The liner surface hardness can reach HRC60-65. Therefore, liners are wear resistant and corrosion resistant.

Piston and Piston Rod

Piston and piston rod are of slide fit and sealed with rubber seal rings. They are fastened with lock nuts to prevent the piston from loosing. Fluid end, liner, piston, valve and seat, valve spring, seal ring and gasket, valve cover and cylinder head fluid end assembly for F-800 and F-1000 mud pumps are interchangeable. Fluid end assemblies of F-1300 and F-1600 mud pump are selfsame.