Blowout Preventer (BOP)

We supply blowout preventers and hydraulic control system, which can meet the purpose of well drilling, underbalanced drilling, underground operation, non-killing well pressurized operations, etc. With a full range of specifications, bore sizes from 2 1/16inc-21 1/4inch, pressure rating from 7Mpa to 105Mpa (1000psi-15000psi). The H2S resistance performance complies with NACE MR-0175:2003 requirements. It is applied to oil extraction, perforation, test, operation, pressurized operation and underbalanced drillings.

We supply Manual single ram BOP, Manual double ram BOP, Hydraulic single ram BOP, Hydraulic double ram BOP, Cone rubber Annular BOP, Spherical rubber Annular BOP, Rotating Annular BOP, BOP for Cable, Sand washing operation BOP stack etc.

Annular Blowout Preventer (Annular BOP)

The design and manufacture of Annular BOP is according to API Spec 16A standard.

Annular blowout preventer with cone rubber core

Annular blowout preventer with spherical rubber core

Ram Blowout Preventer (Ram BOP)

Ram blowout preventer (Ram BOP) is the important equipment widely used in onshore and offshore drilling. Ram

BOP, such as single ram BOP, double ram BOP, triple ram BOP, quadplex Ram BOP, are mainly hydraulic

operated or manual operated. All ram BOPs are strictly manufactured as per API Spec 16A

Drilling Diverter

We supply high quality drilling diverters which are manufactured and tested according to API/ISO standard.


● Body and upper housing are connected by a claw chuck;

● Compact structure realizes high bearing capacity.

● Easy to assemble and disassemble and convenient for wellsite operation;

● Use lip seal rings in dynamic seal section to realize self-sealing, reduce abrasion of sealing parts and make sealing more reliable.

● Use high quality packing element and sealing parts. Use tapered type packing element, which is made of NBR. It has massive storage volume and excellent sealing function;

● Use observation hole to check the life span of the packing element;