Wellhead & Christmas Tree

Casing Head Christmas Tree Tubing Head

Christmas Tree

Product Structure Feature:

1.strictly according to API 6A, NACE MR-0175 standard.

2.compact structure and reliable operation.

3.offer 35 MPa, 70MPa, 105MPa different pressure products

4.can offer all metal seal from Tubing Hanger to Christmas Tree.

5.flange connection

6.with Valve remove-reinstall "VR" screw thread, which can change the outlet valve simply and fast under pressure

7.with series of tubing hangers which can meet any well requirement.

8.offer Counter Balance Valve with Running-in/off-take Tool.

Tubing Head

We can supply different types of tubing spool and tubing hanger under high pressure and crude environment, all the completion well system and equipment can meet or succeed the API 6A Standard.

Tubing hangers can be divided into three types: Rubber Seal, Rubber-Metal Seal, Metal-Metal Seal. The max working

pressure is 20000Psi, equipped with reliable “Y” type second seal. We can also supply different seal type product

equipment including the under well control line and seal technology according to the requirement from customers.

Casing Head

This product meets API standard. The casing head can meet the requirements of casing carrying and sealing between casing hanger and casing with high corrosion resisting ability.